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Nice parking

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Nice parking

The Buckie drifter Maritana nicely parked on rocks near Eyemouth.

    young ronnie
    Oct 24 2010 01:43 PM
    Just outside St.Abbs harbour.
    Amazing photograph Ally - just been looking at the St Abbs RNLI site and found this piece about a ship that hit the same rocks but all of the crew were killed - from http://www.rnli.org....s/stabbsborders


    1907 On 17 October, during a storm and in dense fog, the cargo vessel Alfred Erlandsen struck the Ebb Carr rocks. Lifeboats from Eyemouth and Dunbar attempted to rescue the 17 sailors on board but they all died. A local appeal was set up by Miss Jane Hay who had witnessed the loss of the entire crew and she repeatedly impressed upon the authorities the urgent need for a lifeboat at St Abbs.


    Steve E.

    young ronnie
    Oct 24 2010 03:01 PM
    Think I read somewhere that the only survivor was a Great Dane dog that managed to get ashore and was found the next day.(from the Alfred Erlandsen that is)
    Aye Ronnie, nowt wrong with your memory  :laugh:

    From the Berwickshire News @ http://www.berwicksh...fred.3366333.jp


    Although none of the crew lived through the night, one survivor did make it ashore. A Great Dane dog swam through the pounding surf and was found roaming the cliff tops above White Heugh Bay, north of St. Abbs.
    Carro, as he was named, after the rocks which had claimed his master's life, became something of a local celebrity and he spent his remaining years in the household of Sir George Douglas at Springwood Park, Kelso.
    The incredible tale of his survival was related time and time again and, during the First World War, he raised considerable sums of money for the Red Cross.

    Now I wonder what would have happened if this had occurred down the coast at Hartlepool ?

    Posted Image
    thought this was a pic of the submarine at skye when i glanced at the thumbnail   :laugh:

    young ronnie
    Oct 24 2010 03:20 PM
    Nasty man Mr. Ellwood,terribly nasty :laugh: O0
    nice place painting bottom ha

    young ronnie
    Oct 24 2010 03:25 PM
    Aye Catman,according to the reports it's a miracle yon sub didnae end up like that :laugh:

    Martin Johns
    Oct 24 2010 09:14 PM
    Apparently the great grandson of this trawler's skipper is a submarine commander, HMS Astute I think it was.  :laugh:
    -OUCH !  :laugh: ??? O0