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Celtic KY 171

Celtic  KY 171

    young ronnie
    Oct 24 2010 01:47 PM
    Fitba' mad fishermen back then as well :laugh: O0
    Is that Dunbar there lying at there Ronnie ?

    Manx Venture
    Oct 24 2010 02:27 PM
    Peel isle of man, thats the castle in the background, up the inner harbour, outside the pub!

    bryan DE127
    Oct 24 2010 05:15 PM
    Became the Bruces AH 94 went to the small lines and seine net was in AH for a long time.
    Now lying North Queensferry, going to be restored
    Never realised it was the same boat Bryan.

    mebey lying at north queensferry, but i cant see her being restored the state she is in now.........
    Indeed.  Bruce's is in a very sorry state.  sank a few years ago, was raised and finally lifted onto the hard where she's sat ever since.  the rot had a hold then and is running riot now. Gaping holes in the hull,  sadly I reckon it'll be another ornament on the pier for a few years till the inevitable happens

    Maybe the owner has a cunning plan!
    He works in Rosyth ,something to do with training (he was a shipwright to trade)
    He may be planning to utilize some of the trainees skills on it and he also has quite a big pile of oak and larch lying round boat so don't write it off yet!
    I remember when we first got the Robina Inglis Davy Todd was walking up the slip and asked what we were doing with her,we said restore her he said burn her,she's been restored ten years now and still looks good(in my opinion)
    good news if he can pull it off.   I'm very much of the brute force and ignorance school when it comes to the viabilty of a boat.  seen many that some have said are firewood but reckon with enough stupid tablets I could make em go again.

    The panser was getting into 'not even good for firewood' territory before I started

    am proud to say, that she's now moved into the 'would make good firewood' league!