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BH 143

BH 143

    morn ally.  dont think shes a BH boat m8
    Looks affa like BH reg when ye blow it up Dave.
    Only BH.143 i can find is the Laurel  Built Sunderland 1910.  Length 14.3ft.  ex- Homeland.  ive got  BH.reg. going back to 1897
    Aye aye got ye Dave, maybe BK reg ??
    maybe BH145 not 143.

    would say it more like BH than BK
    Could well be 145 Mark, hard to make out.
    looks like SH

    young ronnie
    Oct 24 2010 03:13 PM
    It isnae an L by any chance?..the way they used to do an L on the numbers where the bottom line went along,up a wee bit then back to the left..just a (daft!)thought lol
    is  it  not  SH  ?

    Oct 25 2010 01:41 PM
    looks   like sh143