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Valiant FR.231

Valiant  FR.231

    Fished this little diamond from the I.O.M sold to Ireland and became the Blue max, now in Bangor converted to a motor yacht and very tastefully too

    young ronnie
    Oct 24 2010 03:18 PM
    Goes through my mind that she got re-engined with a 100 hp BMC back in the late 60s..probably a novelty at that time.
    That is correct Ronnie, a B.M.C. sealord, apparently still has the same engine today, she could tow gear very well but the handle had to be down
    The old man was aboard with Dennis on this and the steel Valiant

    young ronnie
    Oct 24 2010 04:32 PM
    I think his sprat neighbour had one in as well (trying to mind her name but can't)Aye she was a bonny wee vessel the Valiant,Dennis was the name of the man that had her when she was through here at the prawns(and I cannae for the life of me remember his second name..bloo*y memory..or lack of it lol)Quite a few of the wee Brochers through with him then,Emblem,Theresa,Vesper,Duthies and so forth.
    Shes now moved to down about Weymouth
    BMC still going strong

    Anybody any idea where the Girvan built 40 footer, Stroma ever ended up?