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Loch Kildonan PD 79

Loch Kildonan  PD 79

    thats a blast from the past ally. your fairly digging them out now :laugh:
    Aye she hid some career that en Terry  :laugh:
    built Buckie 1956.  ex- A.84.  sank 17th.Jan. 1987
    Aye she built for the lines, was alongside her one in aberdeen takin oil & went aboard, jist got that feelin o strenth !

    caveat emptor
    Oct 23 2010 07:18 PM
    My Da was aboard there when it sank.
    Mikey Buc's boat and then stanley buc's boat .A snapper in her time and a lot of stories and characters aboard here ! .Built with a blackstone main engine .