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its haloween soon haha

its haloween soon haha

Guess Who ??????????????????????????

    Dunno, but if you caught something like that you would hoy it back  :laugh:


    Steve E.
    that Carole Smilie has let her self go a bit!

    young ronnie
    Oct 19 2010 09:18 PM
    Never seen ye looking better :laugh: O0 O0 ???
    mmmmmmmmmmmm lit me think  got it  superman!!
    ??? The hands give it away lol  :laugh: O0 O0

    bryan DE127
    Oct 19 2010 10:47 PM
    you will need to stop drinking that red wine Davie see what its doing to you :laugh:
    it is david cameron
    jist canna fathom oot how suprmans got three congers growing oot the tap o heez heid :laugh: O0
    ma wife thinks this is an improvment bryan, so a'l be gettin plenty more red in  ??? :laugh: O0 O0