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Eriskay Fleet

Eriskay Fleet

Eriskay Harbour late 70's - 80's left to right Regina Maris ,Santa Maria 3 ,Santa Maria 2, Britania,Ave Maria and San Miguel

    Regina Maris CY105
    Oct 17 2010 11:41 PM
    Regina Maris former Silvery Sea from Mallaig, Santa Maria 3 former Jasper from Scalpay renamed Fair Morn after leaving Eriskay,Ave Maria renamed Osprey 1 by Simon Jack after leaving Eriskay, San Miguel former Scalpay Isle renamed Ocean Herald after leaving Eriskay.
    What a stunning picture.  Some right bonnie boats there.   :laugh:

    young ronnie
    Oct 18 2010 04:20 PM
    Ye widnae see as bonny a line of ladies in the Miss World contest.

    Regina Maris CY105
    Oct 18 2010 04:50 PM
    With it being such a good day the reflection of the boats are almost as good upsides down!
    Any idea how long the Ave Maria was?  Was she as long as the Margaret Ann, Maggie MacLean, Santa Maria 2?  Around 16 / 17 meters?

    Regina Maris CY105
    Oct 18 2010 11:06 PM
    Hi OB 34, I have just been on the fone with my father. He remembers the Santa Maria 2 to have been built in 1966 and the Ave Maria in 1968. He also added that they were indeed the same boats in length as the Margaret Ann and the Maggie, they were built under the tonnage not the length as is now to avoid having to be a ticket holder.
    Cracking picture.3 ex Scalpay boats there----Jasper,Brittania and Scalpay Isle.Those were the days !!
    if you put half a doz of today,s under ten metre macduff designs,in a similar photo, they would look just as braw.

    as long as you didny look at it from the broadside.........

    where as these ladys would still look great on the broadside......