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Penorva BCK 226

Penorva  BCK 226

    young ronnie
    Oct 17 2010 11:19 PM
    Lying in the Cromwell (Old) Harbour at Dunbar.Noel "Fid" Wight had her then.Scrapped in one of the decomm. rounds a few years back.Built in Fairlie around 50/51 I think.
    I'm sure this boat was chopped up in Sunderland Ronnie, in the 90s?
    always thought she was a weird shape like a coconut
    Story I was told was it was built as a yacht and converted,,,,,,,can't see that myself but there you go

    young ronnie
    Oct 19 2010 11:25 AM
    The Old Man went up to Buckie to have a look at her on the slip when she was for sale (back in the late 70s I think that would be) Paul,and I remember him saying she had an unusual underwater shape,especially round about her keel.Don't know about being built as a yacht,but Fairlies being yacht builders maybe put a bit of that design into her.A lot of the yacht yards that turned out an odd fishing boat here and there tended to build them gey fine lined underneath.

    bryan DE127
    Oct 19 2010 06:29 PM
    She was sold from Buckie to Arbroath in 78 then sold to Dunbar late 79 she must have a catcher as the lad that had her in Buckie built a herdies 55ft forward wheelhouse steel one.
    Young Ronnie I would'nt say McMillan Fairlie turned out a odd boat  he built 17 ringnet boats that I knew.

    young ronnie
    Oct 19 2010 09:13 PM
    I was more meaning some English yacht yards like the one in Burnham on Crouch that built the New Seafarer,or others that built one offs Ringnetman,but it read like I meant Fairlies as well.Aye their tally was 17 in 20 years right enough,fine big (rolly!) skiffs they were too .
    Rolly or not the one I was aboard earned a lot of bloody money .

    young ronnie
    Oct 20 2010 10:30 AM
    They carried well right enough,sat perfectly level when they were full.I'm sure it was 175 cran of sprats that came out the Golden West when she was to the hatches..and we thought we were doing fine wi' 95 in the old Storjen! She could still toddle on as well when she was loaded,sticks in my mind that she left us standing that night running up from Munlochy to Thornbush Pier.