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Bairns Pride RO 48

Bairns Pride  RO 48

Rothsey 1979

    built Millers, St.Monans 1947.  RO.48.  CN.71,  BA.315
    first boat I was aboard, think that's me, Gus Mcdade and Jim blair ?
    is that a tele ariel halfway up the foremast?:laugh::laugh:

    thats a fair bend in the forrit crosstree!!!
    Bairns Pride shifted a fair bit of herring in her day.
    Found her for sail on the net the other day looks better when she was a fishing boat.  Ran fishing trips along side her in the clyde when she was still varnished.  Can be seen here http://remote.apollo...in/159835_1.jpg http://remote.apollo...ew_159835_2.jpg http://remote.apollo...ew_159835_3.jpg
    and yes its the same boat.

    BigAlan :laugh:

    Jul 01 2016 06:19 PM
    We lived aboard her 79-81, mum and dad skippered her for Danny dipratto(sp?!). I remember going out with surveyors to a pipeline being laid off Ayr. We were based in Troon marina after beung moored off roseneath. What a way to grow up! Anyone know where she is now ? Would love to be able to let dad know. Thank you