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Whitehill PD 302

Whitehill  PD 302

    Oct 17 2010 06:48 PM
    this 1   came to portavogie  in the sixties , carry   fish to portpartick    for long   time owned   then    by the late john cully,   the skipper  was the late willie hugh  coffey,

    Apr 13 2011 02:37 PM
    she them was sold to kilkeel    where she    had a long    career in trawling from that port.
    Fine looking boat. Built in Thomsons, Buckie in the '50s for Arthur Buchan PD. Sold to Ireland at the time of the "close brethren" fiasco. Some fine boats went to Ireland at this time. Fairly freshened up the Irish fleet then.

    Apr 15 2011 02:21 PM
    very true gee, remember lots   of that type comming to    nothern ports ,  and remember   being told about the    close nit brethren    as far as no they   down size to   40 footers   as they hadent time to catch fish          and get   to   church on the same day,they   went to church and   unloaded the sparts after    they   came  back   to the boats, that why they where lots of those big 60 and 70 feet  boats tied up in peterhead for    long time,things     have  changed on that front i think. any good herringringer about you love the old ringers. cheers.