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Concord BA 42

Concord  BA 42

    homeward bound
    Oct 13 2010 09:05 PM
    taken at troon , also in picture  mayflower, numora and spes maris
    HB is that the southernsun inside o big andy???
    Looks like a Matha and Donna McDougall built wheelhouse on the Concord

    homeward bound
    Oct 15 2010 08:28 PM
    almost certain that wheelhouse came of the cn girl zena early 80s
    went 2 Largs after Troon, name changed, can't remember what 2, the went 2 tt
    Nigel ma brither bocht her, re-engined her wi' gardner out of Girl Zena. Took wheelhoose of GZ as well then scuttled her at Ardwell ridge, south Girvan bay.. Went tae Largs, then TT,to Gary Ferguson, then Penzance...
    was she ever called  shon mora.
    Her original name was Harvest Gleaner from PD