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Two men in a boat

Two men in a boat

Two blokes at work

    Gents -these are two old worthies - seadogs ,without whom the fishing industry on the west coast would not( possibly) have started - any ideas ( oh- ringnetman - leave the rest to work it out - you've met them both more than once)

    So -any ideas .
    OK-100 views -no takers .

    So - the gent standing up was the first Jim Manson -(James Manson OBE, to give him his title) .( For service to the fishing industry I seem to remember ,and his reply -all I did was to feed my family)
    The gent on the net was Pete McLean ( his son in law) .
    A closer look at the boat would make me think that this was taken on the original Mary Manson  ( OB71)

    young ronnie
    Nov 18 2010 03:15 PM
    I never knew when we got OB 71 for the Storjen back in 1971 that it had such a distinguished pedigree.Nobody ever mentioned it to us.Just noticed that the now...no bad,only six weeks late with the comment! A fine bit of fishing history too in that photo.
    There's a photo of OB71 on here ,taken in Mallaig in the early days .
    Old Mary Manson OB71....Jessie Alice ...Winner, same boat.

    Mike Craine
    Mar 25 2012 07:02 PM
    Gents .... Mary Manson - Jessie Alice (1948 Olsens) W Sutherland - Winner - were all OB9 built 1924