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He disnae ken fit is coming in a couple o years lol

He disnae ken fit is coming in a couple o years lol

The old man smiling ended 1 1/2 years later when I appeared lol

    billy summers
    Jan 21 2011 02:06 PM
    and he has never smiled again ;)
    always something to spoil it ;)

    Jan 23 2011 12:40 PM
    I mine  fin he  eest  ti  smile  w.beedie   Its  a commin  back ti ma noo That  proves  it wis  HAPPY  DAYS  Indeed . ;)
    Good photo. Steering a course by hand, eye on compass. Real steering wheel. "Barkit Gansey". 2-3 days growth on his face. Bare wooden roof on wheelhouse. Wires exposed. He looks happy to me. Probably a good shot aboard, and nae much wi' the rest o' the fleet. Now that's fishin' deluxe!!!
    Massive changes in a short time.
    Baggywrinkle, very observant wi' the winch and stoppers. Check that this man's gansey's nae "ootsides-in"! ;D ;D

    Jan 25 2011 11:54 PM
    Well said  Gee  Bee ..  He  should  be  looking  upwards  and  onwards  cos  the  compass is  abeen  him  That  in my  humble  opinion  is  fit  a fishing  boats  wheelhoose  should  look like ..I  was  also  privelged  to hold  that  very  same  wheel .
    Aye Baden but look fit happened nae si happy, a lot mair weight and a lot less hair

    Ess een must be a memorable view fae yon time
    Man, ye've got me goin' now. Can still smell the "sauty" leather straps for openin' and closin' the windows. Little wedges for jammin' in, at the weekend. Security!!!! Was on 3 boats wi' that kind o' windows ... watter poured in them aa'.
    Engine started back o' Sunday . Condensation ran doon windows, galley walls etc. for aboot half a day.
    And dinna get me started aboot the lavvy.  ;D

    billy summers
    Feb 06 2011 09:01 PM
    does he know you put on that photo young willie,if so keep out of reach of walking stick[dont want him to break it] ;D