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Montrose Inshore Lifeboat and Radiant Star

Montrose Inshore Lifeboat and Radiant Star

Montrose Inshore lifeboat on service to Radiant Star she was stuck on the annat bank on the entrance to the harbour, in the photo the inshore boat was trying to get a rope aboard her.  Helmsman saw a big lump of water coming and dropped the rope, photo taken of the inshore lifeboat trying to get out of the way of the next bigger wave headed for them.

    great pic ferrydenner   :idiot2:
    Ah mind o that well, I was watchin firstly from the beach then the Ferryden side. It was Derek Cruickshanks that eventually got aboard her to secure a line. 14-15 year ago?

    Oct 03 2010 07:36 AM
    It was my father donald cameron who was at the helm of the boat at the time.

    young ronnie
    Oct 03 2010 02:57 PM
    If ye didnae know that pic was genuine ye would swear it was a Photoshop job..it's a cracker right enough.I would think their bones were gey sair by the time they got ashore that day!