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Just Reward FR.117

Just Reward  FR.117

    St. Combs  man  skipper of  this  one.  Toxy. was  his  by-name  killed  in  a  road  crash  at  crossroads  at  Broch  side  of  Mintlaw  . c. 1959 or  60.s  a  real gentleman.

    bryan DE127
    Oct 03 2010 09:35 PM
    I had her in Arbroath in 78 to 82 she had a full size wheelhouse and a Lister hrw4 in her then, she was a Tommy Summers build and a very good sea boat when I bought her from Gourdon she was one of the last small line boats.
    Morn Bryan. did she keep the same registration,and do you know what became of her :idiot2:

    bryan DE127
    Oct 04 2010 06:44 PM
    Aye Dave she was AH137  when I had her she had been about a bit since she left the broch before she went to Gourdon she was in Ireland.I sold her to Peterhead after PD she was laid up, then she was done up and still fishing in SY.

    Feb 19 2011 01:46 PM
    George Ritchie had her in Gardenstown early 60s, before he got the ROYELLA... 8:)
    Bonny boat.