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Breamar BCK 7

Breamar  BCK 7

In the Caledonian Canal.

    young ronnie
    Sep 27 2010 10:32 PM
    A nice wee look back in time that one Ally.The old capstan with the bar in it for opening the gates.First time I was through there with the Old Man in the Summer of '66 (age 15,great adventure!)the sea locks were hydraulic but the rest were all manual..they were in the process of converting them at that point.Blo*dy hard work and sore on the back as I recall..and the lock keepers didnae bug*er off at 4 o'clock on a Summer afternoon back then like they do now! A fast boat,plenty crew,no hold ups and a long shift and it was possible to be out the other end the same day you went in..still took a bit of doing though.