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Sailor 16T

Sailor 16T

The first of the sailor MF receivers with Direction Finding capability, made from the early 50's onwards.  this one needs a lot of work though, the broken glass will probably be the stumbling block on giving it a full make over.

    I have a similar one to yours ,, mine has a small mesh speaker in the front has the number 6997d  the plate on the side has type 46TNB1 dont know if you can shed any light on it ..  

    Hear is a one on e bay  http://cgi.ebay.co.u...7#ht_500wt_1074
    I've got a copy of the manual for the 46t, same radio but without the built in speaker if its any use

    will run of 12v/24v/23v externally (there's a switch inside to set which on) or 6 1.5v batteries

    manufactured from late 40's up to late 60's, radio wise, the 46TN had different coverage than all the others, LW / beacon band (270-540 kHz) and three shortwave bands (1,5 - 3,6 / 3,4 - 7,1 / 7 - 14,6 MHz), AM, CW, SSB (BFO), (so no MW for listening to the footy on 5 live!)and Direction Finding if you plug a DF loop antenna in

    the early ones were painted with green hammerite, the later ones had the normal Sailor green enamel

    made using germanium transistors which have some weird properties when they get old

    I've not got one of them ones, giz a shout if you want rid!
    can I take my anorak off now!
    I reckon most of us will have an old knackered set in the shed,why don't we all send them to Mark to give him something to do on the dark winter nights?
    they'd all be welcomed with open arms (and soldering iron) and beer tokens!

    one that I'd love to get a hold of is the mkII R109

    the one with the red led display above the speaker