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Really good Swag

Really good Swag

Camera's are on this lot but ain't much good if no film in. Be off afore you could "adder" up 2 and 2 !

    Adoration II
    Nov 16 2008 05:46 PM
    is tat a new make of net john shhhhhhhhnakes and ladders think somone in town got 1 like this must ave taken it aboard dont c it now

    johntar tt10
    Nov 16 2008 05:56 PM
    Risky leaving them on Pallets RJ jnr is it no, Russian Roulette or Rushin 2 toon wi "Green Larry"?

    Adoration II
    Nov 16 2008 06:14 PM
    i ur right john u never no wat slidderin aboot im sure i seen someon way this net stretched out it was maybe the gull no it was maybe peter no a feck it was someon lol

    Adoration II
    Nov 16 2008 06:43 PM
    any idea wat kinda net this is scratcher
    by the look o it id say it was ninis,shell no b so easy to shift if hes got ultra lok on her ,

    Adoration II
    Nov 16 2008 07:07 PM
    nii uses no more nails on his gear feart it will shhhhlide away
    dont no about that but it looks good netting in her,there no a lot a wear on her for the amount of times shes been on and of the quay,many a 1 widve needed a new bottom sheet

    Adoration II
    Nov 16 2008 07:17 PM
    lol tat wiz a new yin last year he got jeff told him 2 put new hoppers on it 2 last time jeff put new hoppers on he got 6b never made any diffrence 2 his fishing still got them as good as he was ;D
    whats the two legend saying the night??

    Adoration II
    Nov 16 2008 08:39 PM
    its ok james ill talk 2u lol not much fresh week acordin 2 xc willu manage out this week