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anster swell..........again

anster swell..........again

anster swell 7/9/10

    Bit of a sea running there Davey  ???


    Steve E.
    aye stevie plenty o creels on thereway in mate ti the beach to ???
    aye davie there will be a few sliders up the dreel burn by now as long as there no mine old saying "the sea looks efter its sell" bit early in  the year for this crap

    bryan DE127
    Sep 07 2010 07:03 PM
    ita been a long time since we have had a sea as big as this in the first week of sept I hope its no the start of things to come.
    aye hope no bryan, could off mistaken it fir the middle o feb the day ???
    poor lookin day davie glad were at home now
    aye yill be glad james , wizny quite thinkin it come that bad ???
    was a poorish day mon coming down the road just the trials and tribulations of a fisherman

    young ronnie
    Sep 07 2010 09:39 PM
    Ye were surely a right hardy lad standing ootside in yon kindae weather just tae get a photie for us Davie....or were ye no as daft as that and took it through the car windae? ???
    ??? ??? O0 aye ronnie a went doon ti check ma boats and a went up and took this ane, the other pic a took while a wiz stuck on ma boat we the run in the herbour , 30 mins afor a got back on the pier O0 ;D ??? ;D