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oak lea

oak lea

didnt need to look for herring with this one they came looking for her.

Where Photographed eriskay
Gear Worked ringnet
Size Of Vessel 48ft
Port Registry oban
Vessel Name oak lea
Date Photographed 60s

    The count will have to see them James.
    yes he will enjoy seeing them willie maybe see him on monday.
    built Fraserburgh 1936 as Oak Lea  BCK.51  became Oak Lea  TT.131 in 1947  became Oak Lea OB.74
    great to see pics like this, oaklee can still be seen in a derelict state miles from the sea on a farm near Dornie
    She caught and carried some herring this one Chris

    george-mc millan
    Sep 04 2010 11:29 PM
    Was in it a few times with Callum before the pier was build great harbour once your in your land locked
    the Campbeltown men called it the big chain
    Yes you're right George there were a few moorings you could pick up very handy. Big Neil Jackson took a lot of herring out of that bite northside of the harbour before Callum caught on.