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eriskay harbour

eriskay harbour

arctic star and oak lea lying in eriskay


    Sep 04 2010 08:49 AM
    Swivel, think that is a young Gribbens lad on the deck of the Artic Star, would you mind if I copied this photo.
    Ronnie Mac Neil
    yes ronnie mc neil ur welcome to copy any of them.
    No ronnie young Gribbens was still at school when this was taken , that chaps Andrew Crokket . George Gillies . Geoff Comber. thats the chaps behind the W/house.
    the arctic star looks very like the toms fionaghal willie.

    Sep 04 2010 10:52 AM
    Thank you for that Swivel,  and also Ringnetman, you are probably right about young Gribbens I just thought when I say the browinsh hair that it may have been young Micheal RIP.  What year was this taken?
    Yes james she was like the Toms boat. the A/STAR was built for Jock Gemmel SUMMER ROSE, when Peter got her he changed her name to the STAR OF THE SEA. got her reg Oban, with in a wk he was told he could'nt change her name and she had to be reg Inverness. back to A/STAR INS178. Peter bought her in the free state from Matt Sloan, she ended up some twat killed her.
    Yes Ronnie this would be 1965/6, the crew aboard her was Peter. Jackan. Andrew Crockett. Donald Galbraith. geoff Comber. and another fellow I think he belonged the Weavers castle, you should know 3 of them fellows.

    Sep 04 2010 11:51 AM
    Ringnetman, Thanks for that.  Donald Galbraith still living here.
    Yes Ronnie if you see Donald give him my regards.