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any idea what boat

any idea what boat

Passed by the other week in company with the St.Clair,don't know her name..no the Beryl by any chance? Looked about 45feet or so.Came from the Mull sound and headed South.

    Amaranth I think, funnily enough just had an email from the owner t'other day, john maclean, he and the boat usually to be found on Iona
    why is her registry port not visably seen on her Arse and face???
    If it were one of our vessels we wound get our arse's kicked!!

    young ronnie
    Aug 26 2010 09:34 AM
    It's no the Amaranth Mark,he passed me a few weeks ago...still had her LH numbers on her sides(got a pic somewhere,must post it when I find it).
    Her Name is Black Cat an ex pilot boat
    might be the old clyde pilot boat crinan

    Brian Ward TT24
    Sep 09 2010 08:54 PM
    Yes, Black Cat 11, based in Tarbert. Tied up with a nice collection of old wooden boats.