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Anchor handler

Anchor handler

Anchor recovery equipment...one wee hand operated winch and a woman lol Mrs.YR was saying "Well it went down without any bother,now let's see if it comes up as easy!" Havenae got a proper windlass,just the wee hallyard winch on the mast,but it whipped the hook up nae bother at all.

    YR  ............Mrs YR show's more potential than you............she is a hands on wifee, nae feart ti get her hands fool... (grubby) Good on ya Mrs YR show him what to do!!!! ??? ??? ???

    young ronnie
    Aug 26 2010 09:57 AM
    Aye but what the piccy doesnae show Carol,is me doing all the work cranking the handle while she takes in the slack rope...dear lady wife isnae THAT daft ???

    Aug 26 2010 07:34 PM
    no trying the "hand haulic" ronnie or too many scaulders for you so you get the mrs to do the dirty work your a real captain deligating!!!
    YR and The anchor cranker if you ever make it out tiree way give me a shout the old dear has a resteraunt im sure i can get you both a good feed  ???