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life jacket on this time

life jacket on this time

Just to let you see that I do wear a life-jacket Carol...I just forgot the last time!

    ronnie are you lookin up there at one o them big boats before evasive action ??? ??? ???
    real sailors  do not wear life jackets  ha

    young ronnie
    Aug 26 2010 09:27 AM
    I never said I was a real sailor ??? ???
    extra cushion for the pyles good thinking ronnie
    Too much information methinks  ???
    Good to see that you are keeping yourself safe Ronnie.....mind you, not too sure about the life jacket though, it looks as though its  came open a bit on your left side?....lol
    Looking good there Ronnie !
    Happy Sailing !
    (not been on as not been well will email you soon)
    I thought a man of your pedigree would be wearing industrial strength oilskins instead of yachtie gear. You'll be wearing a cravat and plimsoles next! You would be better with a wheelhouse around you, than sitting out in all weathers. Despite the cushions, you will only worsen the 'Duke of Argyll' situation!
    nay'body will mistake yi for a yatchie type ronnie, no we them hands years o grafftin them hands ??? ???

    young ronnie
    Aug 29 2010 12:30 PM
    They've been getting gey soft recently though Davie,dinnae think they wid dae for hand haulin' a fleet now ???