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Railway pier Oban late 70s

Railway pier Oban late 70s

I'll leave the naming of the boats to other folk..you should manage 7 or 8 names lads if your memory and eyesight are both good.

    did yi have thon big dog aboard then ronnie  ??? ;D

    young ronnie
    Aug 21 2010 01:08 PM
    No Davie,that was before "Gremlin" was on the crew list ??? I was still on the Seagull then..that's her lying on the outside.
    The STORJEN,S wan o,them Ronnie!!!!                                                                                                         JB
    ;D Nice one Ronnie !!!  ??? ;D ;D
    if am rite thatl be ur own boat on th outside YR! LH126 SHADOROBAH, wel b4 wen i worked on her. Big SHAUN had her by then DIGNITY AR126. memories!!! ??? ovaahr

    young ronnie
    Aug 23 2010 01:31 PM
    Aye,memories right enough OB,happy days they were too...plenty scampi,good boats,nae restrictions(or at least very few)and bags o' youthful enthusiasm..great combination! Seagull on the outside,then Shahdaroba,Storjen and Sandy Ritchie's La Morlaye against the pier,Bob Miller's wee Strathisla astern of them..I would guess Summer 1978 as the date.