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May Island

May Island

Taken today 1000feet

    Cracking shots in this set - must be May Princess in this one?


    Steve E.
    I think your right Steve,the guy flying the plane knows the skipper and is going to send him photo
    Aye, thats what you call ditch crawlin!! ......... Coming out astern in a side wind must be "fun" there ???
    sorcha, once the tide comes in theres a wider bit to turn the boat round.
    no bother to the MAY PRINCESS wi, her twin engines but a bit of a struggle with a single engined boat.
    thats very low water there the now, she only draws about 3ft..4 max
    50ftrs, 6ft. draft have used this in the past,, before the passenger trade took off..
    Aye Codender twin engines would make a big difference right enough! Still need local knowledge by the look o it tho! ???
    aye sorcha, theres 2 wee white pilars to line up on the south ness,you go in on them then the gut opens up to starboard, then another 2 pilars to line up in towards the jetty,,
    not recommended with any swell as you would imagine..
    aye an remember' yi canny disturb them useless big gray lumps on the rocks , hush hush ???
    boat is lying at the low water pier aka logans road  at kirk haven