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Clan Gordon

Clan Gordon

    Loch Fyne type skiff I think ? Is she a fishin or pleasure boat now?

    Jay Cresswell
    Aug 11 2010 05:54 PM
    The following article in the Scotsman will tell you much of how Clan Gordon wa given a new lease of life
    This lucky old Loch Fyne skiff was originally built in Ardrishaig back in 1911
    roy magregor from ullapool will give you the full history on this one.the hull still looks well looked after... ???
    Long time since I heard of you Jamsie hows things hows John Angus?
    She looks in good nick until you clock the stern port quarter, has had about 5 - 6 planks broken about 3 feet back from the stern post, frame damage also and a patch below the waterline, I agree that apart she looks good, draft variation bow to stern amazing. Took exactly the same photo 5 weeks ago.

    she,s jist tha right shape for sitting square on that beach......
    things are fine willie,boat in macduff for a paint and a few jobs.big tides this week.John angus is keeping fine,hows things with yourself.....
    Westbob if you go onto the other site you will see old photos of her on there, not sure if roy magregor is on this site,