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Odd Lobby

Odd Lobby

Odd lobby

    can you spot the mistake  ???
    2 crusher claws, the slow claw  ??? O0
    Have you seen many like it ?
    Hi Guys

    Found this @ http://www.lobsters....age.php?did=443  also a description/photographs @ http://www.lobsters....age.php?did=435


    Although scientists have been unable to encourage lobsters to develop two crusher claws,double crusher lobsters are sometimes seen in nature. While both claws resemble crushers on the outside,they differ in composition of the muscle tissue.The true crusher has 100% slow-twitch fibers in the closer muscle,while the other claw has 40%fast fibers and closes more rapidly.


    Steve E.
    aye cookie we got 2 last summer av had yin wee 2 razor claws to ???
    aye steve the lobbys have a thing called a statolith a tiny recepter site wee tiny hairs that catch wee grains o sand , somehow the lobby can tell that its the right way up by this gland, some bloke done a experiment  a hunder years ago when he replaced o the sand on the bottom o the lobsters tank with iron filings he then used magnets on top o the tank and the lobbys started doing cartwheels and rollin around cos it fecked up there statoliths ;D O0 ??? O0
    that must be what happens when i go to the pub ???
    ??? for the info guys
    aye to many and a just fall overand hope naybody gets in the way ??? ;D O0 cartwheels at ma size is not advisable O0 :D ;D