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Ambler SD.31

Ambler  SD.31

Seaham Nov.1988

    ambler  ex redcar  amble  now a sailing coble  when at amble  she was M H REG
    belonged alan mclardy and lazenby if i remembers right
    what was the chap that had the crystal river called? he work at north shields college for a while
    cannot call him to mind, time like this i wish i could call in the navy club for a pint. bet auld Barney still remembers.
    The Crystal river was owned by Dave Carr
    The Ambler was owned by me  A mclardy when i sold her she went to flamborough north landing and had a wheelhouse fitted then back to Hartlepool and had it removed and a sail fitted and now i think she is at bridlington
    she owned dave carrick when in hartelpool