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Carradale Ringers

Carradale Ringers

Shemaron, Fair Maid and Bairns Pride lying in Carradale.

Picture by J MacIntosh

    george-mc millan
    Jul 26 2010 08:05 PM
    Nice photo takes you back a few years
    Another smashing picture, Shemaron still high at the rear, nice finish on them all, knew Bairns Pride in her later life, had an R6 in her if I remember correctly


    Gary Sutherland
    Jul 27 2010 12:32 AM
    Now that's a nice pic. Jim Campbell's Bairn's Pride. Don't know who had the other two.

    Wooden boats look so good in the sun.

    J.MacIntosh? Were these Jimmy's pics?
    i wonder if the BAIRNS PRIDE,  neeboured the boat inside her?????the FAIR MAID.
    they both have the same coloured (red) light up their after mast, read in the book THE NORTH FISHING. about boats having all kinds of fancy light setups, so they knew where their neebor was in the dark?
    Most of the ringers would only put their small, winch light on to let their neighbour know they were shooting. The winch lights were varied colours and usally not very bright. It was the boys job to keep their eye on the neighbour and watch for their shooting light going on,must have been hard in a fleet of boats.
    Bairns Pride neighboured the Florentine (Ex Mallaig Mhor) whilst in Carradale. (Cousins)
    Fair Maid was built as the NEWERA. for the Clarks Fisherrow they then changed her name to MARION CLARK.LH. sold her to Portavogie to John McCLEMENT who called her MARIE McCLEMENT. John McMillan Carradale called her Fair Maid.

    Brian Ward TT24
    Jul 28 2010 06:22 PM
    Chris is away on the Shemaron at the moment.  But that's what you are aiming re mast/pole arrangement Chris.
    Fantastic quality photo especially when zoomed in.  In the rear of the year contest, I like Millers but Weatherheads win!
    Brian. don't forget the Jimmy Noble boats  they were also fine boats
    spent last week on shemaron she is a lovely boat even better when this pic was taken