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Moray Endeavour BCK 17

Moray Endeavour  BCK 17

    :'( LOL...look at the size of it  >:( ;D O0  Good piccy  ;D  
    That wud make rather an amusing painting don't you think !  I've got a hill to do tonight though...pity eh lol !!!  :'(

    Kevin Munro
    Jul 22 2010 09:50 PM
    aye looks small against the moray endeavour, :'( :'(
    Frazer's boat?? still a bonny catching machine!!

    Stevie Stem Shots
    Jul 22 2010 11:06 PM
    So is the other one!!!!    :'( :'( >:( O0
    (  Now that's nae fair...I cannae get to use the wee bangie fisty mannie 'cause he's no on my smilie list anymare cause I wis using him too much lol....and I am seeing some people get privaleges lol  ;D  )

    Aye Steve...you've got a backer here...the Dinkey is class  :'( O0 :'( >:( ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D  ;D