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Carradale herring trawler Monarch steaming for home

    Some great old photos Dunard  :'( >:( :'(
    All from the 'Keeper of Records'
    Looked like she had a good turn of speed that Lady.

    Jul 24 2010 03:19 PM
    What engines in her? I was looking in through her wheelhouse today and saw all the caterpillar gauges and assumed she had a cat
    Think it was a 270 Cat
    Think it was a 270 Cat

    DCI paterson
    Jul 25 2010 12:54 PM
    if i remember rightly tait told me it was one of the first 3406s built,if not the 1st
    The Keeper of records was asking if you had put up a few pics lately Dunard ,keep them coming because the peatcutter on the croft doesnt seem to want to post them
    The peat cutter is extremely cunning when it comes to these things. Not for him the tedium of scanning and correcting flaws!
    He said that was your Job Finlay the meer minions can do it for me :'(