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supper OH

supper  OH

Twa bonnie labsters for supper OH.

    I've never tasted a lobster...(amazing eh) ...they look good though  :'( >:( :'(
    Oh yummy   :'(   What's ur address??  Do you like ur grub SSS?   :'(  All those foodie photos....

    Stevie Stem Shots
    Jul 21 2010 07:46 PM
    Yes Gaga i like my grub,same as yer pal Kev Munro the PEOPLES friend.    >:( :'( :'(
    a like ti get aboot six o them , then shell them chop up o the meat in a bowl wi salad cream loads o pepper then munch , yum yum  :'( >:( :'(
    hi westword just add a few of the clams i gave u at the bell rock the other day and youd have a right royal feed hope u enjoyed good fishin to u
    aye they were braw a wiz stuffed efter that lot :'( :'(
    i will give u a shout next time im down there and give u some more if its a fine enough day to come alongside and u can tell me where all the gear is set so i can avoid be on a different boat though just releavin on that one im a prostitute skipper :'( :'(
    lol O0 :'(  :'( >:(