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Christina II what colour 3

Christina II what colour 3

Christina II in Green more East coast I think.

    young ronnie
    Jul 17 2010 10:15 PM
    Without a doubt that's the colour scheme Alan,awfae bonny.The red and the blue are nice but the green is streets ahead (in my humble opinion)

    homeward bound
    Jul 17 2010 10:20 PM
    have to agree wi ronnie (for once !!)  :'(
    even the wheelhoose looks a bit better
    She used to be green when she was at Port Seaton Big Al, and it was a bonnie colour then, So I  have to agree with young Ronnie  :'( :'(.

    Brian Ward TT24
    Jul 19 2010 08:37 PM
    Yes I agree it has to green with varnished/brown bulwarks plus the yellow bead/cove line. The blue would be OK but NOT the red, even though I support Barnsley ( for the non English football fans they play in red).
    another vote for GREEN. wheelhoose looks ok now too.

    just need to find a landing derrik,and gilson derrik, and bob,s yer uncle...
    a landing derrik might be very hazerdes to alans head, have you seen the hight o him lol :'(  , that'll look braw alan wi the green  >:( :'(
    codender if you find us the gear we'll fit it, just let me know when you've got it and we'll pick it up.  The vote seems to  point to green which we like too.  The new sump was fitted and the engine put back in last night so hopefully i'll get the rest connected up on friday and get her back on the water at the weekend.
    aye alan, wooden derriks are like hen,s teeth,
    telegraph pole and a lot of planin,,
    not seen any lying about on travels,,,

    any idea what that boat in the corner is?:'(? the 50ftr black painted, looks like a weatherhead stem, but very narrow aft, and astrange like cruiser stern,,, mebey been a pilot boat?>:(? couldny see a name?/

    a wee 30ftr  there too black hull, soft nosed stem on her,, tyrell,s/millers?:'(??
    too warm along there today,
    i,ve got loadsa norway spruce felled if you want a stick to plane down for a derrick