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Christina II leaky sump

Christina II leaky sump

Think we've found where the oil was going.  Should get the engine back in next weekend assuming something else doesn't go wrong.

    looks like a job for B P .

    young ronnie
    Jul 18 2010 12:51 PM
    An air cooled crankshaft?...that's a new one on me :'( :'(
    Guys you have no idea of the smell from the 8" of oily sludge I took from the bilges yesterday.  The air cooled crank seemed to work well she's always run cold.  Thankfully it was in one piece till we hit it with a hammer to get it off, probably held together by the 1" of emulsified oil in the bottom.  The wire mesh sump strainer was rather clogged though so we should see an increase in oil pressure after the rebuild.