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Shahdaroba - LH126

Shahdaroba - LH126

Went on the become:

1994 -scrapped see http://www.trawlerpi...a=view;id=10564

#  Main Gear type :   DRB  - Boat dredges
# Hull material code :  2 - Metal
# Year of Construction :  1961
# Place of Construction :  HOLLAND
# LOA :  17.62
# Tonnage GT :  39.00 T

    any info m8
    aye it wis called SHADAROBA.
    young ronnie was skipper/owner of her in oban in 80s.
    she was sold and renamed DIGNITY,
    sold again and called SEA-OTTER,back in oban,
    then possibly re-named GILLETTE.(razor blades)

    young ronnie
    Jul 15 2010 03:54 PM
    Yez are baith wrong...it was Shahdaroba !! :'( >:( :'(  (I'm a right bloody nit-picker !!)
    i thocht there wis a H in it but no a 100% sure,,,,,,
    still closer than shardaroda though.........

    Manx Venture
    Jul 16 2010 12:37 AM
    how did they get the gear aboard with the lifting poles being so low?
    where was pic taken?:'(?:'(>:(
    now sunk in tob bay along with the galleon
    ronnie wiz it painted a sort o burgandy broony coluor , cos a mind o it in oban to  :'( , there wiz a guy we a dog aboard maybe am thinkin o differant boats :'(

    young ronnie
    Jul 17 2010 11:45 AM
    You're bang on wi' all 3 Davie,John Brindle was the lad's name,"Gremlin" was the dug.She aye used tae lie under the whaleback and one time we got a visit from these very nice men in their rubber boat armed wi' the measuring guages.The fella had just got himself half way ower the rail when the dug came thundering doon the deck and gied wan hoora WOOF right at the boys lug...ye never saw a man getting back ower the side as fast in yer puff !! He was gey sweer willed tae come back aboard even when we assured him the dug was harmless.
    ma memory isny as bad as a thuoght ronnie, am glad something sunk in ti the gray matter on me wee excursion roond the west coast >:( :'(  :'(