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Sharon Rose FR.70

Sharon Rose  FR.70

    Fine wee boat this one.
    Still  going  yet. This  was  John Mitchell's  ( Peem )  fathers  yawl,  I'll  put  up  a  photo  of  her  now.She  was  sold  up  north  coast  somewhere,  n'  Peem  bought  her  back  and  got  her  converted  to  a  pleasure  kinda  boat.. ???
    This is what a boat should look like, I can look at this picture for hours I was lucky to be kicking about when this yawls were earning a good living.

    Feb 20 2011 02:02 PM
    Great boats , I had one almost identical ,MARY MAY , built at about the same time in the same yard Forbes yard in Fraserburgh. She was built as the OCEAN SOUVENEER. in 19 49 .Her number was FR 49. The only thing was that sadly you just couldna work them single handed.When working the creels, you needed at least 2 but better with 3 men.We hauled the creels through a seine net roller in the starboard quarter using old seine net rope .The creels were spaced 13 fathom apart 30 creels to a leader (fleet) .Started stowing them on the port side aft abrest the wheelhouse, and worked forit,thats why,with the rope all being coiled in the hold, the tails or ends had to be at least 3 fathom long. When hauling ,if you managed to keep her head up through the tide,which wasnt easy, the creels would, or should just skim up on the surface . The man at the capstan hauler had a special proceedure to perform with the tails to stop them getting twisted up going 3 times round the winch barrel ,....HAPPY DAYS.. :)I should have said, that it was all or mostly widden creels that was used....the steel creels widna skim the same.. 8:)
    did yis fish mostly fir crab then ,or wiz there plenty lobbys with yis too in them days, soonds like a tricky one with the rope on the barrel,  good memories right enough 8:) ???

    Feb 20 2011 05:49 PM
    Ay westword , we did get some lobsters, but oor creels were mainly shot (set) for crabs (partans) using fresh bait, usually cod heids.This was in the days before the general use of bait bags,so we had to cut a notch between the eyes of the cod heid with a big heavy knife or axe so that it would slot into the bait strings.The boat that I had before, like the boat I work now were and are smaller and better to work in the shallower waters where I usually work The MARY MAY was just too big for me to work lobsters.The skipper who had her before me ( 30 years) used to work crabs in the spring and summer till late  autmn and lobsters in the winter They also worked  towing feathered hooks for big saithe once theyd  hauled their creels .. 8:)
    aye nothin like fresh cod fir partins 8:)  a got told that the lobbys were wraped up in wet news paper then boxed in sawdust or somthin then sent awo doon ti bilingsgate on the train, a expect the partons wiz too,changed days  ???
    Is this the one that was in Eriskay, as the Rose of Sharon, owned by the late Donald Archie?