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An Oban lighthouse

An Oban lighthouse

My Uncle Robert got it in an Edinburgh junk shop in the early 60s,my grandfather had it in his window for years down at the harbour at Dunbar,the Old Man had it for a good while,then I fell heir to it,so it's been around.Did have a glass dome at one time(came off an old towing light),and now gainfully employed as a plant holder.A coat of paint wouldnae go amiss though...do you paint lighthouses by any chance Debra?

    Who's that old mannie YR?  YOU?O0  >:( :'( :'(

    young ronnie
    Jul 11 2010 10:35 PM
    Now I wonder what gave you that idea :'(
    Aye Ronnie, looks like he's had an accident at some stage with his right hand - makes him look as though he's haddin his neb  :'(


    Steve E.

    young ronnie
    Jul 11 2010 10:44 PM
    Well spotted Steve,the hand fell off a few years ago and was put in a drawer "to be fixed back on later"...about 5 years later before it saw the light of day again....no sense in rushing a job now is there?  :'( :'(
    Haven't found anything she'll no decorate yet Ronnie, even the back o the pan, and that's without her brushes  O0 Copious amounts of Honey Rum needed first though  :'( She's just started another boat, so I'll get some peace now  :'( >:(

    Well at least your light house isna squint like Gaga's lol :'( :'(
    :'(   >:(  There's nothing wrong with my lighthouse carolmac ~ it must be your eyes  :'(
    ronnie tht might be worth a bit o dosh, dinny let debra or any one else paint it , yi dinny keni here aboot folk dain that kind o thing , yi never know :'( >:( :'(
    Aye Ronnie...would have to agree with Davie...find out what it's worth as it is first...it might need professional restoration and I am happy to paint it nae bother but might have to be done with certain paints and by a restorer to keep it's value...and by the way I am now noticing Kenny's comment...no wonder he never told me what he wrote....he's getting a wee slap fae me lol !
    :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

    young ronnie
    Jul 12 2010 09:32 PM
    Nae wonder that poor man o' yours is aye on the move...if he stood still for 5 minutes ye would have him painted as well :'(