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Golden Promise OB898

Golden Promise OB898

golden promise ob898

    good pics westword!  :'( golden promise is her name  :'(
    aye young phee yer right, a need to go to specsavers, a was shootin the creels and takin the photys at the same time lol  :'(
    haha hope he wisna towin them after u shot them!
    no noo u were stressin out thinking he was gonna run us down n trying to pull ur hair out??? tht 1 confused me to lol!

    its fiiine  haha :whistle: :'(
    what hair :'( :'( am chilled oot  noo lol >:(
    fine looking ship!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8:)

    Feb 20 2011 02:26 PM
    my young lad was away with her last trip he reackons she is a great boat ten aside will build up any ten stone runt in no time 8:)
    aye gets the blame  8:)
    O0 O0 :coolsmiley: O0
    me no guilty goin by the date gw ya shit stirrin bawfaced person of questionable parentage any time im in that neck o the woods im too busy chasin westward about wi a feed o clams see if i can fatten him up a wee bit poor mite afore he fades away tae a shaddow or should thaqt be eliphant seal  :coolsmiley: O0 O0 O0