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Eilidh - FR97

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Eilidh - FR97

Eilidh - FR97 up on the stocks at Sandhaven Harbour, Scotland on 12th May 2010.

#  Main Gear type :   LHP  - Handlines and pole-lines (hand operated)
# Hull material code :  1 - Wood
# Year of Construction :  1982
# Place of Construction :  SANDHAVEN
# LOA :  5.54
# Tonnage GT :  1.17 T

Former FR97   AJAX

    bobby lynne
    Oct 24 2010 05:44 PM
    steve does this boat still exsit or has it been destryed by goverment.
    Hi Jim

    Well she was still in one piece back in May 2010  :laugh:

    Still an 'active' boat on the EU Trawler Register, perhaps one of the local lads could comment?


    Steve E.
    that is a cracker of a picture steve i thought it was a rob andrews painting  before i enlarged it :laugh:
    If it was one of Rob's he for sure wouldn't have cut her mast off in the picture  :laugh:


    Steve E.
    oh never spotted that mistake ok ill mark you down to 9/10 :laugh: O0