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Boy Gary - CY37

Boy Gary - CY37

Boy Gary slipped at Arbroath Shipyard July 2009

Vessel Name Boy Gary
Port Registry CY37
Size Of Vessel 9.84m
Gear worked Creels
Where Photographed Arbroath Shipyard
Date Photographed July 2009

    for a creel boat she,s a guid grip o, the water..........
    Aye but what does she look like now Davie- in her new colours lo-l that is the question...you've got a right bonny boat there and I bet she looks smart in her black and yellow waspy colours  :cheers: O0 ;D ;D

    ross farquhar
    Jul 08 2010 10:10 PM
    she got a good grip o the water ok but man she can roll.but she still a fine boat.
    she has the proverbial, barrel shape aboot her under the water right enough, would be a good towing boat if needed to,,