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lying Dunvegan pier

    how do you stop these rolling,mine's bloody awfull  :cheers:
    Put it in your front garden and plant flowers in it ?

    johntar tt10
    Jul 08 2010 09:35 PM
    had a gm40, roll the teeth out yer heid with 20 tonne of lead punchings in her as ballast
    now we hear we're getting stopped on sole and cod already stopped on skate this monday,and the only bloody thing we catch down here is sole,cod and skate the flowers seem a good idea.GM40! would of sold the wife to have one of them,saw one years ago full of pots and thought then i'd like one but not now,hard enough making a living,let alone putting a bit away
    If your bilge keels are the same size as the Sealgairs I would go for a big increase in depth and length if possible
    thanks for that,thought about putting flat plates on them about 2ft wide,full length of the blige keel and then running another along the keel.seen it done but have't found out if it works.now potting so spending a lot of time laying dead in the water.......rolling  :'(

    Jul 09 2010 08:50 PM
    Got GM33, has extended bilge keels down to three quarters of the depth of the keel.  We added large fwd wheelhouse so had to counter that with 1.5t in stern flat.  Keel was already full of pig iron surrounded with concrete, no idea how much weight in that.  Fished her like that for a year, very uncomfortable motion.  Not only the rolling but the violent bow plunging up and down in a head sea.  Couldn't keep your feet although she handled some serious weather without even wetting the deck.

    Added two ton of lead.  1.5t split to either side of the central hold just below the waterline and 250k port and stbd at waterline in stern flat. What a difference, rolls half as much, whats more its a predictable motion.  Punching head seas now she throws it out of the way with a thump and lifts a lot less.  On the down side she is a good kt slower into it and now you really need the yellow wellies on the deck.  All in all it was well worth the hassle melting down all that scrap lead. :'(
    thanks for that,we built  mine 11 years ago and put alot of weight under the fuel tanks which are mid ships either side of  the engine 6lxb,carrys 1600 liters of fuel.we put ballest where ever we could get it and she sits alot lower than this one.my boat is Defiant R467 pictured on here somewhere.i have taken some of the weight out the bow though,i buried the nose and pushed through four of the windows,a bit wet and scary for a moment.the gm33 is a bigger boat but at the time it was just to dear,should of found the extra cash.