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Extending boat hook got tied up to the side stay and used as a poor man's whisker pole.Doesn't matter whether it's a fishing boat or a yacht,if you've got a bit of twine or a length of rope you can make/repair anything...It'll maybe no look fancy,but it'll do the job (and most importantly...it's cheap!!)

    :cheers: :whistle: Mend and make do...nowt wrong wi that Ronnie...too much waste these days !!!  ;D O0

    young ronnie
    Jun 30 2010 08:43 PM
    A thrifty woman?..now that's a novelty nowadays..usually they cannae spend it fast enough>D
    ronnie am sure you once commented aboot the fishin bein 75% inovation ,a see whit yi mean lol :cheers: O0 ;D

    young ronnie
    Jun 30 2010 09:16 PM
    And the other 25% at the fishing was usually perspiration Davie :cheers:
    Nah that's one thing I can't be blamed for...I don't spend it lol.....I was going to say I might something else but it just woudn't look good so I have to shut up again... dearie me everything has a double meaning ha ha ha  :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
    i , you nearly blew it debra :whistle:
    Lol and what's new eh Terry ha ha...even what you said doesn't sound that good when you think aboot it...not that I do you understand....
    (I have done it again as well....I am that used to you brats reading other meanings into stuff)  :cheers:
    Best thing for me to do is  ;D
    O0 ;D
    you should quit while you are ahead debra :cheers:
    ye can take the man oot the fishin boat ,,
    good bit of improvisation there old bean,,