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Cantara UL 637

Cantara UL 637

    is this boat french or spanish owned or built

    Barry McCrindle
    Jun 27 2010 07:53 PM
    Added this for member Peter Brady, so will fill in some gaps


    The vessel was built at Lowestoft in 1957 as the Ocean Trust, intended to be a dual-purpose trawler for whitefish and (seasonally) herring. As such she operated from various whitefish and herring ports, including Aberdeen until being sold out of mainstream fishing. Then re-named Tippermuir, then Celita. It had then become embroiled with the Spanish flag of convenience fleet and was sold within these operators and, after a major conversion to a shelterdecker, renamed Pescafish V. The most recent owners were Vigo-based operators who had obtained five or six former UK vessels, all re-named with the prefix Pesca. All these vessels were refused licences to operate by the Government at the time under the UK flag and were sold off again. This vessel was renamed Belton but it was not long until it was sold to other owners and once again re-named, Cantara. The last I heard she was netting for sharks and landing into NW Scotland. Quite a history for a vessel that has had three or four dedicated fishing roles and no less than six names. I don't think any other current UK vessel can match that. And how many other vessels in our fleet are successfully in operation today after being built in 1957 - some 53 years ago!