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carolmac lady gaga and debra

carolmac lady gaga and debra

dont mess with these three woman but which one might be gaga lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WESTWORD..........That is just asking for trouble lol........... But it is said that Lobbies are:

    As arthropods, lobsters have not developed the nervous system of cephalopod mollusks, nor do they have the advantages of good eyesight. They do, however, exhibit three remarkable evolutionary advances that have led to their great success. Their exoskeleton is a strong, lightweight, form-fitted external covering and support. They possess striated muscle: quick, strong, and lightweight, it enables rapid movement. Finally, articulated appendages allow their limbs to bend at specific points.

    So are you implying that we feel no pain...........have crap eyesight,  but can be quite successful & strong, but feather light in weight, however we move quick and are quite subtle....................

    Why thanks WESTWORD, I am sure your pic was a compliment   :cheers: O0 ;D
    the ane on the right must be barnacle bill :cheers:
    Who's who then?  :cheers:
    I'm sure the one on the right must be carol a bit rough about the edges    :cheers:
    Well thank you scrappy...............and remember I know who you are lol :cheers:   Rough round the edges but the heart is in the right place still trying to save your livlihood  :whistle: :whistle:
    not rough around the edges, just not shaved today   :cheers:
    :whistle: You might have picked some bonnier ones Davie !!!  Who's who ?  I dinnae want to be that crusty pasty thing on the end lol....I think that is more like yous lot after a few drinks lol...rough around the edges !!!  :cheers:
    Debra  O0
    Dont Eeck Scrappy on Markh!! lol  :cheers:
    :whistle: I'd rather be a lobbie than a crabbie I suppose  :cheers:
    debs you must be the one in the middle that other two are showing there age now