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Christina II

Christina II

Sailing towards Blackness Castle out for 2hrs no problems building up the confidence to go further afeild

    nice one alan, hope yi get painting soon , it/ll look braw in the light green :cheers: O0
    Thanks Dave it will be mid July before we can start painting her but hopefully we'll get her painted and I'll get her down to Anster and get a run out to bell rock with you all painted up and get some good pictures of Boy Gary at the same time.  Thanks for your help.

    :cheers: Update  O0

    Since we had her out for a few sails and carried out several oil changes to make sure she is well flushed out we have hit another problem.  She sits at the moment with the engine being lifted out AGAIN as the sump appears to be perished.  After we came in from this sail we found the oil level down thought she might be burning a little so we topped it up and left her for 3 days, on return we found she was empty not even drawing oil at the drain pump bilges full of oil.  So its lift out time again to remove the sump, life's never easy with an old boat but years of no use and salt water up to the bottom of the sump don't help.  Hope to have the sump off next week to get it repaired or fabricate a stainless one if it beyond repair.  Could do with WestBob not being on holiday, lifting the engine yourself in a small engineroom is not easy when your my size, could do with cutting a foot off my legs.

    Big Alan ;D