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Crab of some sort ANY IDEAS

Crab of some sort  ANY IDEAS

Crab (i assume) back found on the beach, anybody any ideas?  
Not a very good photo of it.

    Looks like a horseshoe crab.

    homeward bound
    Jun 13 2010 05:12 PM
    looks like an old forfar bridie wi 5 barnacles on it

    homeward bound
    Jun 13 2010 05:22 PM
    have ye ever came across anything LIVING on the beach ?  :cheers:
    Before anyone asks, no I didn't kill it  :cheers:
    Ha ha HB, aye I have ~ plenty folk and dogs and birds ~ the feathered kind  :cheers:
    spider crab carcass, am sure  :cheers:
    if any of you lot up north get asked to walk along the beach with lady ga ga,beware because i'm sure you would end up on here face down with a picture of you on here,asking the rest of us.....has any seen one of these before  :cheers:
    That cud be arranged kalren  :cheers:
    aye, spider crab to be sure