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Coquet Mouth

Coquet Mouth

    she still on the  go   :cheers:

    Jun 16 2010 12:28 PM
    could do with her back at amble.
    Well Boat Happy, if you've got a spare 79,995 in your back pocket she could be yours - check out http://www.alanpease...oatsforsale.htm  and http://cy.apolloduck...phtml?id=115703 - appears that she is for sale as a houseboat conversion!


    Steve E.
    Evidently the original Dredger Coquet Mouth was sunk by a mine off Amble on 4th July 1940:

    British dredger COQUET MOUTH (477grt) was sunk by mine off Amble, two hundred and fifty yards east by north of the South Pier.
    Three crew were lost on the dredger.

    The Mate of the Dredger is buried in Amble Cemetery :


    Mate Robert Forster English, Dredger Coquet Mouth (Newcastle-on-Tyne) Merchant Navy. Died 4th July 1940 aged 45.
    Sec. A. Grave 106.

    Check out http://www.fusilier....metery_cwgc.htm