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Shielona BCK.114

Shielona  BCK.114

    Bob.YTS Skipper
    Jun 12 2010 07:46 PM
    Dont know where it was taken or when but is that no the Ranger back left
    Hi Bob   photo taken at Blyth  1980s.  could well be Ranger got a photo of her at Blyth will put it on next couple o mins :cheers:
    Good en Dave, all the Buckie boats lying together there, Shelona, Silver Crest, Dexterity, Hall-Mark, Fortuna.
    Aye that's a right bonny photo...love this era of boats  :cheers:
    Debra  O0
    would say thats defo, RANGER, ahent them, bob,,

    Apr 18 2012 07:23 AM
    The thing aboot this new set up o the site is that , unlike afore ye could zoom in and study the pictures better, bit na na nae noo...

    Will taylor
    Apr 18 2012 10:46 AM
    Baggywrinkle.  When I want to look closer, I download the picture and then zoom in. You can try that.
    yes ranger was down at blyth was she not built as the heatherbell from eyemouth

    Apr 19 2012 05:29 AM
    Thank you Will, ill try that..