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Girl Joyce BF 202

Girl Joyce  BF 202

    Beedie was this Billy Summers first venture into skippering?If memory serve me right she flooded and sunk W of Skye
    Was an FR Girl Joyce Billy folks had , he is a member here along with his son Dan dan prosperity but the old man will know better sure he will put you right
    This was the one you are thinking about FR366 Girl Joyce
    Just mind a similar boat to this one working out of Mallaig many moons ago.  :cheers:
    Think this was the wife's granddads boat, got a new wheel hoose n stuff later on shes a diving boat n Orkney noo.

    billy summers
    Jan 02 2011 08:58 PM
    ocean venture fr366 lost of farne islands 1977.valiant ins lost after collision with tanker w.of neist point isle of skye.[only had her 7 weeks ]1983 same model as this one

    Jan 08 2011 11:51 PM
    The Girl Joyce that wis in the Broch was owned by SKALLY  Cairnbulg  replaced by Enterprise which was sadly lost with all hands  FEB 19 78  Girl Joyce  became  Ocean Venture  Skipper William Summers  (Simpsons  Bill (  I  wis  4 days  aboard  wi Bill at the sprats when we were pairing wi the Girl Pat , his brither . I  wis aboard the Girl Pat  at the time  and  they were a man short  I volunteered  to go on Ocean Venture . Very nice men, and verv honest . Fit like W Summers ,its good to see that yer on this site , wi a your knowledge . ;)

    billy summers
    Jan 09 2011 05:55 PM
    im fine ,remember the time but not the name,it will come to me at some time,every thing takes longer now,love looking at the photos brings back some happy memories when fishing was fishing not all paperwork,the good old days gone but not forgotten ;)

    young ronnie
    Jan 09 2011 06:32 PM
    Happy days indeed back then Billy,when the only "paperwork" that needed done was when ye were sitting on the sh*te bucket...that's why,before ye started tae read any book aboard a fishing boat,ye aye looked first tae see if a' the pages were there...some lads could be very inconsiderate at times ;) ;)

    billy summers
    Jan 09 2011 07:42 PM
    my crew were very good only looked at pictures paper to shine for anything else ;)